NYC Ready!

Today is the day. Finally I’m off to New York Fashion Week again. It’s Spring ’09 at fashion week and the tents at Bryant Park will be hopping.

It’s packing day right here at fashionista central. I have a dilemma. Do I stuff it all in one suitcase and risk having to pay extra for being over the weight limit, or just bring a second bag and pay extra for that, not having to squash everything? The added bonus of an extra bag is possibly having room for all the goodies I’ll score on my shopping excursions. Also, as I’m staying with a friend for a few days and she has a 4th floor walk up. Yes, this means no elevator. All stairs. This is common in New York. It’s foreign in my world. I’m not sure I can walk four flights with my handbag in tow, let alone two pieces of luggage. Oh, scratch that. Three pieces of luggage. I also have a carry on. Cripes!

While I ponder my possibilities I’ll share with you a morning funny….
My husband and eldest boy came downstairs with curious looks on their faces.
“Mom, why do you need 8 pair of shoes if you’re only there for 5 days?” (eight…what happened to the other two?!?)
Eight years old and already perplexed by the female species. Men, they just don’t get it. Good thing they didn’t notice the 4 or 5 handbags packed in there. And we won’t event start with the outfits. Two per day at least! I love New York!!!