Fall (or possibly winter) just hit here in the Kansas City area. If it weren’t raining I’d be a bit more excited. I love fall because it’s just the right weather for wearing some layers and fabulous jackets. I’ve scored three fabulous jackets in the past week!

This khaki cropped trench by Fillmore was a huge diva deal for me as I picked it up for such a pittance at the huge Deegies Carma sale. Last time I was in, they had just one left, but there are several places online that carry it.
The photo shows the tie in the back. I prefer it in front, but either way, it accentuates the waist and gives you better shape.

Unfortunately the weather in NYC is supposed to be warm this week for Fashion Week. But that just means I have more room to pack handbags and shoes without all my jackets hogging the luggage space!