Steppin’ Out In Style

There are so many fabulous activities and events to attend and a shoe for each. I’ve had a $30 reward bonus voucher for DSW absolutely burning a hole in my handbag and managed to create an empty spot in the closet over the weekend. Time to shop for shoes!

I was on the lookout for something in gold. My designer friends at Sophie & Gwendalynn are making a custom item for me to wear to the West 18th Street Fashion Show this weekend and it has a touch of gold. I have no gold shoes. I found several pair, but only one that I could risk standing in for 4+ hours. The sweet little sandals are a bit understated, but will do the job. It was on my way to check out that my trained eye saw these Bobbi Blu’s with ruffle and peep-toe. Have to have them! They are comfortable, unique and so pretty!

I forgot to grab some gel foot-savers from Apara. Thankfully DSW now has a great online store so I can order anytime. Slingies will be needed for the sandals. Slingies are a gel pad that slips right into the shoe and makes them so much more comfortable! The Apara Steppies have been included in our Haute Market event goodie bags for ages – great for boots. Same company, different fab product.

Now it’s time to get my custom couture top, shop for the rest of the ensemble, and count down to the fashion show. Oh yes…and find an event to attend in my new Bobbi Blu’s! By the way…two pair of shoes on sale and with my voucher….$25. I’m telling you girls, and they aren’t paying me to say this, DSW rewards are the bomb!