I See London I See France

The neighbors saw my underpants.
Another reason why you should always be wearing flattering underpants.

This is definitely one for the fashion faux paux records, though it was so under the radar that I should just keep it private. However, for those who thing Haute Market is this big conglomerate, I like to remind them that it’s just me and a few gals trying to have a fun job while juggling the mommy-hood ball.

Yesterday I kept the mommy-hood ball proudly in the air while the fashion ball took a crushing fall. It is all very simple and innocent. I started to put on my swim suit to get a few minutes of sun. I got the top on right before the monsters started fighting and causing the usual ruckus. I paused to break up the fighting. Then another monster needed help getting juice, which meant if I didn’t run, the juice would be on the kitchen floor. I don’t know what else occurred in that short amount of time, but eventually we got outside.
I on the deck so no one could see me in the two-piece, the kids down in the yard.

At some point I readjusted my towel which required standing up, turning around, etc. In other words, I did a full 360 giving anyone in eye-shot a glance at the fact that, I only just realized, I did not change my bottoms and therefore was outside in my underwear. Fortunately my neighbors know what I do and, if anyone saw, probably thought it was the new thing to have a red top and black bottoms. I was, at first, appalled. Then figured it would only be obvious if I actually went in to change, plus, who knew what the monsters would do if left out of sight. I wrapped up with my sarong and just kept on sunbathing. Our beige-housed neighborhood could use a little color anyway.