Hot Stuff

Many designers and businesses choose the fabulous Haute Market events when it’s time to launch a new product. They know we have the fabulous fashionistas with discerning taste!

The next shopping party, July 17th in Overland Park, KS., has many treats in store for you. One is the launch of a fabulous new beauty & fashion item from The Lano Company.

Lano BraceletHealing, protective Lip Color in wearable fashion!
The Lano Company has created the perfect combination for women who want to look and feel great with this beautiful designer-inspired bracelet with 3 interchangeable ends.

Unscrew the ends to reveal a tube of lipgloss with it’s own tiny applicator. The gift set comes beautifuly packaged with a bracelet, three sets of interchangeable ends for a variety of color choices, and four lip gloss refill tubes.

An amazing value for this dual purpose product. Not only will it look fabulous on you, but you will be the best friend of the year when you give this gift set! I’ve tried the bracelet on and I love it. The fact that the lip gloss is artfully hidden inside means I have one less item to schlep around in my handbag. And I’m not stuck with one color choice since it has the interchangable ends. I can be pink and silver today, gold and silver tomorrow.

You can pre-order the product now to guarantee that you get one before their first production is sold out, but no one gets to have it in her hot little hands until the Haute Market event, July 17th!