The Sex Guide

It’s not what you think. I have no tips and tricks for that area. We simply drink a lot of wine and it all works out…though often results in a new addition to our family 9 months later.

No…this is all about your Sex and the City guide. Just two weeks until the U.S. release of the fabulous new movie we’ve all been waiting for. The ultimate chick-flick movie for you and your girlfriends to enjoy. Haute Market has a fabulous party in the works to celebrate the new show, shop like Carrie Bradshaw, and watch the movie with our big group of Haute fashionistas.

The Sex and the City characters are the ultimate fashionistas. Carrie Bradshaw, though fictional, is real in our minds and has become a fashion icon to the world. The stunning clothes, towering heels and quirky accessories gave us all a little something to aspire to.

Not that I have many places to wear such outfits. My only trip to Paris was with a toddler in tow and baby #2 baking in the oven…not much opportunity for a fashion statement. It was after baby #3 that I decided to step it up a knotch and become a fashionista. Now I’m planning parties and trips just so I can wear the fabulous frocks I find. New York Fashion Week is in just a few short months but I can’t wait that long to shake the dust off some fab clothes and let them see the light of day.

So get out your girly dresses that would make Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte proud. Strap on your high heels, grab your best handbag and join me and the Haute crew next Friday night for the release party. Official announcement will be next Tuesday in the weekly Buzz, our e-newsletter. Details on where, when and how to get tickets will be included.

This will be THE SATC party to attend in Kansas City ladies. Do not miss your chance to see and be seen at our fabulous event.
Stay fashionable ladies.