More Brush Lust

Recently Haute Market featured an article about makeup brushes. Marie Claire magazine also had a take on brush lust, proving that while sometimes you need to splurge for the best outcome, there are a few inexpensive winners out there.

e.l.f. is one brand receiving the buzz about brushes with their concealer brush, no. 5 on the photo, at just $1. I still opt to spend more on a foundation, bronzer or all-over brush. But for a concealer, $1 works fine for me! An e.l.f. deal: FREE SHIPPING on $45 order. Coupon:SHIP45

One tip I’ve learned…the cheaper the brush, the more likely the hairs will fall out and the ends be uneven, which feels more scratchy on your face than a good brush with proper construction and finer hairs.

There really is a difference. I think the best brush should be foundation, if you use a powder foundation. Your overall blender/powder brush is next. I like this one featured in Marie Claire, ninth one on the row, from Clinique.
Also at least one good brush for the eye make up. Throw away those tiny sponge-tip applicators. The rest I’ve gone cheaper on and seem to be doing ok.
Good luck ladies!