Hookers in High School?

What in the heck is going on with high school prom fashion? Are these high schoolers or high-end hookers (excuse me…escorts is the p.c. word now)? Just because the dress is in the store doesn’t make it ok for you to dress like a whore. A lot of stores carry a lot of stuff…doesn’t mean it is all fashionable or tasteful. In fact, many of the local Kansas City stores don’t even get the top fashions in the stores. That stuff goes to to bigger stores in bigger cites. So please don’t settle ladies.

Back to the prom dress issue. These girls are just that…GIRLS. There is no reason for them to be wearing a dress with the back cut out down to the butt crack and the front cut down nearly to the belly button.
People wonder what is wrong with kids these days??? Try this folks…tell your kids NO once in a while.
If a skin revealing, barely covering dress is what your daughter is allowed to wear to prom, imagine what she’ll wear on a night out in college. Put some condoms in her purse because that will be the most responsible thing you do as you let her out of the house in that number.

I’m not sure if I’m glad to not have girls, or worried that my boys won’t keep their tongues in their mouths or say something lewd when their dates show up looking like high-paid street walkers. My husband, however, probably looks forward to the show. Thankfully we have about 7 more years to watch as the trash fashions evolve.