For the Love of the Bag

Depending on the day, I could be obsessing over shoes or bags…it’s a toss up. Today, it’s bags. After spending a gagillion on bags and being totally busted by my hubby, I’ve turned to an old friend, in search of emerging designers with fab style sense and eye for detail (not to mention price tags that won’t get me the third degree).

I adore this wallet by Cotton Purr. This designer, out of Georgia, has more than her southern flair going for her. The construction looks fantastic. I love the colors that are spot on for Spring trend matching. It even has 6 card slots that can hold 2-3 cards each! You mean I can carry all the kids’ dental cards, health insurance cards, my driver’s license and 1/2 dozen credit cards? You’re singing my song sister! This is WAY more trendy than the boring COACH wallet I’ve been carrying and a way better price. At just $34 each…I can afford this and not wince each time I spill coffee on it.