Faking It

If you’re new around here…I’ll let you in on a fab tip that everyone should know:
fake lashes are the new sliced bread! Do you really think all those Hollywood starlets have eyes like that naturally? Ok, a few do. The rest are totally faking it. And…who cares? If you’ve ever tried it and seen a photo or video of yourself after, you’re on the same train I am. Of course I am sooo thrilled to find e.l.f. cosmetics has a set of fake lashes for just $1. I’m absolutely serious. Just $1. It’s worth it just to experiment. Add a dozen to your cart and you’re set for months (well..that is, if you don’t get out much, like me)! (Natural Lash Kit)

Speaking of experimenting…I need to. I have my standard every day look…well, every day. Then there is the tv makeup and that I’ve memorized from the occasional sessions with my professional make up artist and friend, Staci Broski. She’ll probably frown on me for buying the cheap stuff…but it’s a great way for me to try and learn babe. Don’t hate me. The tv make up is great, but when I’m on at 8am, that makeup doesn’t carry over too well in the early light of day.

So in my e.l.f. shopping bag today is this $5 kit for smokey eyes. It comes with a lash curler, which I probably haven’t used since prior to the last democratic president was in office. Also a set of instructions claiming 5 products for $5 in 5 minutes. I should probably video tape this one. It might win comedy of the year.

Here is a deal for you: FREE SHIPPING on $45 order. Coupon:SHIP45