Season Confusion

I feel a rambling bunch of babble coming on so I apologize in advance. It’s just that this daily switching of temperature and seasons has me so dizzy and confused that I’m at a loss for what to blog about. Do I give you more fall/winter tips and styling advice? Do I finally get to talk about spring-wear? I don’t know! Yesterday, on Easter, it was snowing! What the…???? It may NOT snow on Easter. Plain and simple, we must not allow it. How on earth can one be expected to dress the children in those horrible polyester costumes full of ruffles and too-big bows to traipse around the yard picking up eggs that are sinking in the mud and collecting snow flakes?!?!?
Something must be done.

In the mean time…wear whatever the heck you want. Snow boots, open-toed sandals, leggings or halter top. You just never know. Since a large portion of the population is still trying to wear clothes left-over from high school and/or college days (obviously not Fashion 411 blog readers), you probably don’t have to worry about the fashion cops just yet. After all-they are still home having bouts of seasonal bi-polar symptoms as they turn circles in their closets trying to decide what to wear.

Tomorrow I will be off my soap box and in a better frame of mind to toss out advice. For now I’m too dizzy to move.