Pack Up & Go!

You would think that packing for a St. Louis Fashion Week would be easier than packing for New York Fashion Week. While this is true in theory, I didn’t know what I was up against in New York and was mostly there to work and be comfie on my feet anyway. New York Fashion week is back-to-back runway shows from 9 in the morning to 9 at night, for seven days. You need long-wearing shoes, and an umbrella. Unless you have a limo waiting outside for you to go freshen up, you may most likely look like complete rain-soaked crap when you get a photo op with Niki Taylor. Lesson learned.

It’s not that I think any celebs will be gracing the venues this week, the shows are only at 7pm and are followed by chic after-parties at some of St. Louis’ hottest clubs. And since the runway shows take place in the hotel/casino where I’ll be staying, I can run to my room, freshen up, and even change outfits! I will most definitely be making use of (finally) many of the cute outfits that normally do not see a world outside my tiny closet.

I finally have all my fab new spring shoes packed, my dusty outfits….then I needed some jewelry. Haute Market has kept me so busy that I’ve stopped my 4 year old jewelry design business. But that doesn’t stop me from designing for myself. I needed some fabulous BLING for this event. Who do you turn to for the best bling? Swarovski, or course! As luck would have it, there was a small bead show in town over the weekend. I was privy to the secret-stash of mega bling. 18mm crystals! 25mm is an inch, so imagine the size of these beads. At about$10 a bead, you don’t find these often. I was in love!

I also found some beads to finish my Channel look-a-like charm bracelet. if I’m going out of the biz, I must do it in style.

I’m off to shuttle the kids around, grab my rental car, get nails done and go storm St. Louis. I’ll blog from there after I sleep-in for the first time in 9 years.
Fingers crossed – I might find some great venues to take Haute Market on the road to St. Louis for all you St. Louis fashionistas!