Fashion Disaster

Oh My GAWD!!! I am so glad that I’m heading back home today because I cannot sit through another fashion show this week. Last night’s St. Louis Fashion Week show had so many designers showing that it was passed most of the models’ curfews by the time the show was over.
It doesn’t help that the shows all start late, but when one tries to cram more than a handful of designers in a single night, you are setting yourself up for disaster.
What is really unfortunate is that a large part of the crowd just up and left! There were a few fantastic, up and coming, designers that were showing toward the last half of the show and I think they really got gypped.

Jamie Phyl and I got to talk briefly before the fashion show . What a great young lady and fabulous designer. She told me that her inspiration for some of the collection showing at St. Louis Fashion Week was the fabulous Jackie O. And oh my…it certainly showed in this fabulous yellow ensemble, complete with large, fabric-covered buttons. It’s easy to see why Jamie is gaining notoriety very quickly around the country!

I also loved designs by ZETO, English Clientele and Sohung Designs. Photos, video and hopefully some interviews will be ready for you next week on the Haute Market Style File page.

My sources tell me that backstage was an unorganized mess with too many inexperienced interns trying to run things. Other than the tardiness of the show, you could not tell that things were amiss because what the designers sent down the runway was, for the most part, executed flawlessly. The models rocked the catwalk! Those poor girls were hungry, tired and walking in shoes that did not fit. Several fell out of the shoes but those pro’s kept on walking like nothing happened. Kudos to them all!
Designers…my heart goes out to you. I can only hope that the trunk shows you are holding this week give people a chance to really see your designs and appreciate your efforts.

If you are in St. Louis today, make sure you stop by The Time Boutique from 12-4pm to see the work of Phyl Couture, ZETO, Sohung and many others.

I’m heading home to KC now. Hopefully I’ll be back to visit you soon, St. Louis. Haute Market is hot to get here and show the St. Louis fashionistas a good time!

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