New Year, Old News

Happy New Year everyone. I’ve got some great resolution ideas but am still considering whether I really want to start that or just keep up with my “resolving to never make another New Year’s resolution“. That one has been working out just fine.
Instead, I’ll share some more news that’s come up over the last week, just in case you’ve had too much eggnog to notice.

Stevens tied the knot. Our friend Katherine, better known as “Izzy” on Grey’s Anatomy, is now hitched. Word on the street is that it was a small, family affair. According to, co-star T.R. Knight was a bridesman.
Um…not sure how to react to that. A bridesMAN? Ok, if you say so.

Little Miss Alba, who won’t be little for long…is sporting a big fat diamond on that significant finger! According to People Mag, Jessica’s long-time boyfriend, Cash Warren, popped the question now that he’s knocked up his main squeeze.

You can’t help but noticing this one because it’s so in your face. Have you seen the size of Halle’s boobs lately? Holy mackerel! I don’t even have anything to say about this one but, whoa sister!

I’m not even reporting on those girls I refer to as “little messes”. They’ve had enough coverage and apparently need adopted by parents who give a crap.

Have a great day and a wonderful 2008!