Fashion Royalty

Yesterday was a whirlwind of TV interviewing and celebrity chasing.
The TV spot at FOX4 went so well and Laura Thornquist is an absolute hoot! She’s definitely Haute Market fashionista material. What you can’t see behind that big desk is that she has some great taste in foot wear!

I was more nervous than ever because I was told that Tim Gunn was to be in studio that day too! I missed him at the station but I chased him down later at Dillards for the Liz Claiborne fashion show. I was so befuddled with stars in my eyes that I didn’t even think to have the person next to me take our photo together. But I did get a great one later of an old college buddy of mine, who is of course a Haute Market goer. She and her mom were tickled pink to be having a photo opp with the fashion guru himself.

More news and some video will be coming next week. Right now I’m still trying to preserve the Tim-essence on my hand that he shook. 🙂