Goddess Feet

My love of shoes certainly can’t compete with Ms. Marcos’, Fab Lane’s Kimora or probably even some of you fashionista’s…but it’s scaring the crap out of my hubby and causing him concern that he’ll be kicked out of our closet soon.

I’ve been known to sacrifice my feet for fashion, limping around after a night in heels that were a little too high, dancing in boots that were simply made for walking. Thankfully, Apara came to my rescue recently when they contributed a foot-saving pair of Steppies to all the goodie bags for our Oct. 3rd shopping party a few weeks back.
As seen in popular magazines such as Vogue and InStyle, these luxurious products are definitely in style for us fashionistas!

The word “Apara” comes from the Hindu goddess name of Aparajita, whose name loosely translates to undefeated or above all others. This is how you’ll feel when you have Steppies, Apara gel inserts in your shoes. You can buy online at Cosmeticmall.com for $7.99 a pair or in local stores like my favorite, DSW.

Not only is the product FABOO but the packaging is fabulous, a purse-shaped box! Check out all the other fabulous foot-saving products at Apara.com.

Were you among the lucky one’s to grab a goodie bag at the last event? Please tell us what you thought of your Steppies and how wonderful they are for your feet. Just post a comment here using the link below. One lucky poster will receive a pair of free Steppies!!!

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