Creature Comforts

The weather sure flipped on us here in the flatlands, huh? With this rainy Fall weather comes my need to find, and pull close, all things comfortable and warm. This week on the blog you can find all sorts of things to keep you comfortable, warm, and snuggled should you be wanting to just crawl back under the covers.

One of my favorite goodie bag treats was about a year ago…SBS Teas gave us hundreds of bags of cocoa and tea. I was craving it today and revisited the web site to find this yummy Caramel Hot Cocoa. Made from only the finest ingredients, SBS Caramel Hot Cocoa™ is quite simply the richest, creamiest, most flavorful gourmet cocoa you have ever tasted. A silky smooth light chocolate flavor with a rich caramel taste. Decadent with water or double decadent with milk.

And…they have cookies! So you may as well add a few boxes to your order while you’re there. Maybe even visit the free tea leaf reading page for a little fun too.