New Man in my Life

Practically on the eve of my 10 year anniversary, I fear an affair may begin. His name? Brian Atwood. His shoes? To die for.
Mr. Atwood has outdone himself this season, making me, a small town girl, light up like the stars on a midwest night. I actually had the thought that my two year old wouldn’t miss the meager college fund we’ve started. We can always start saving again…someday. After my Atwood shoe fetish wears off (God forbid!).

This season is about unexpected color and I love the subtle color of this patent platform, 4 1/2 inch heel in Bordeaux. Also comes in Stone color, but why be so dull when you have this sweetie to pick from? $525 at Saks.

Another of my Atwood lusts is the Savannah shoe in pink. I can’t find it anywhere on the web and can only hope that they will carry it in the store I’ll visit in Miami in a few months. I just have to see and hold this lovely specimen for myself. Hopefully I can sneak a photo of it in the store because I doubt I’ll be able to justify the price tag once I find it.

Some cheaper versions:
Betsey Johnson in red at Zappos for $162
As always…happy shopping ladies. Make sure you get your Haute Market shopping party tickets. About 1/2 are already sold!