Botox Babe

While I might not be the poster child for BOTOX®, my experience comes with one damn funny story, and I got a free t-shirt!
I don’t know how to set up this story without being way too long-winded. I’ll try to give you the short version. But seriously, even if it’s long..sit down, shut up and read. It’s damn funny.

A week ago today was my consultation at Aestheticare Med Spa. I was so pumped and had been looking forward to the appointment for two weeks! Unfortunately my kids’ babysitter, who only watches them one morning a week, had a family emergency on my ONE morning. So I did what any good mom would do…I packed the portable DVD player, loads of snacks and my 2 and 4 year old in the car and went to my appointment!
As if having my boys there wasn’t tempting an anxiety attack..the fact that I planned to get injected with Botox® certainly was.

It’s not that I’m afraid of needles. Two of my three kids were born by c-section and I welcome any stranger with an epidural needle in hand.
It’s the thought of the needle inside my body that gets me a bit freaked. Especially one that is injecting me with something. (I guess having gut-wrenching contractions tends to get your mind of the needle part of it all) Take my blood if you like, but putting stuff into me makes me think about it way too much. Add that to the fact that I tend to hold my breath and you have disaster written all over it.

Honest to God…I had five tiny pokes and they were NOTHING. Nothing! But my nurse, Faith, explained later as we were sitting together on the floor (uh huh..the floor) that I have some freakish talent (ok maybe “talent” is a stretch, but it’s my story) where I constrict my blood flow (probably due to the breath holding thing) and therefore can quite easily pass out if I’m anxious, not to mention, starving after only 3 cups of coffee all morning. Hey, I didn’t say I was smart…just anxious.

After popping up off the nurse’s table I took a few short steps to the door, which turned black, then quickly bright as the light at the end of a tunnel, then black again. At which point I recognized what was happening, being a pro at passing out, and quickly sat my sad self down on the floor. Poor Faith – thank goodness she’s been a nurse for ages because she’s new to Aestheticare and I certainly broke her in to her new role. 🙂 So Faith and I bonded for a while on the floor while I sipped green tea, ate a granola bar, and the marketing director played soccer with my kids (in her high heels, I should add).

Ok…but to the main point of the story…Botox®. Yes, I love it! Yes, I’ll do it again (as long as Aestheticare will take me back). Yes, I promise to eat first and possibly try to get a prescription for Xanax beforehand.
I am loving the results and it’s only been a week. I noticed a small difference on the third day, a noticeable difference on the fourth day. Now I can barely see the lines that I used to refer to as “crevices” between my brows. It must have taken 7 years off my face because I didn’t have those creases in my forehead before I had my three boys, the oldest of which is now 7.

To the staff at Aestheticare: thank you so much! You were so great to me while I camped out on your floor. My boys think it’s a great place and can’t wait to go back and play soccer with Miriam and “ball-catch” with the “boss man”.

While I won’t be the model for the Botox® demo at Haute Market, someone will and you will get to see it LIVE. Make sure you have your tickets before they sell out because you won’t want to miss this shopping and pampering party!

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