Event FAQ

The event is one week away and the designers are so excited to show off their goodies and offer our VIP’s some fabulous discounts!

It’s time for some event FAQ. Yesterday I had so many emails that my Outlook imploded and I lost the last 6 weeks worth of messages! If you have a question about the event, please check out the web site. Here are answers to some recent questions:

Do I have to buy a ticket, if so, where?
This fabulous party costs $10 in advance, $15 at the door.
Buy tickets through our web store or visit one of the three ticket locations. Follow the BUY TICKETS link you see just about everywhere on our site for list of locations or to buy online.

How do I get the VIP discount card
It was mailed to you upon sign up to our newsletter. A link to it was also in yesterday’s email newsletter and will be again next week.

I signed up for the newsletter, why don’t I get it?
I send it out each Tuesday. Reasons you may not receive it have to do with settings on your end. Your server may be blocking it. Try signing up with a personal email, not a work email. Check your SPAM folder, maybe it’s there. Maybe you mistyped your email addy when you signed up – try signing up again.

Can I still get a goodie bag?
No, they sold out a few weeks ago. But the event is still fantabulous so get your admission ticket today before those sell out too!

Again, please check the web site for event details. I actually had someone email me asking what is so different about it and why should she attend. I don’t know how she found the email address on the web site yet missed all the event info. She probably shouldn’t attend. 😉
Seriously. The party is so much fun. If you are a soccer mom like me, this is just what you need to treat yourself to a very girly, fun night out. If I get to go out to someplace other than Walmart and without the kids, it better have great music, fabulous discounted shopping, adult beverages, massages, make overs and all things girly so my friends and I can finally see each other someplace other than the soccer games. Haute Market has it!