The Big Cover Up

Something over the weekend snuck into my senses and dug up a memory of crunching leaves, a college campus and football. That can only mean that my favorite season, Autumn, is just around the corner. Far too brief in this part of the country, Fall is certainly the catalyst for good things to come…namely…Fall Fashions!

I absolutely adore the new styles, the layers and the miriad of colors that this season brings to my wardrobe. Take, for instance, this fabulous coat. Now that I’ve found it, I don’t know how I’d live without it.

Havana Coat in Mint N' Chip

Havana Coat in Mint N’ Chip

Their use of vibrant colors and unique designs explains precisely the reason why the designers behind Biya are known for creating a line that is anything but ordinary. This is shown more specifically in The Havana Coat in Mint n Chip with its playful color and detailed stitching along the trim. This knee-length collared coat is also accented with three hidden buttons along the front opening.

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Then again…when I need to get “back in black” I could really use this black wrap coat.

Wrap Coat with Belt in BlackWrap Coat with Belt in Black

Ziji designs feature luxurious fabrics with casual elegance and feminine silhouettes that are carefully balanced with masculine details. The Wrap Coat with Belt in Black is the perfect winter garment. This gorgeous coat is comforting for cold weather and has finished hems for a clean look.

The pockets are flush with the side seam and the coat features a loop in center back for the belt attachment. The collar is thick and scarf-like with a button closure. This is a great polished black coat for any occasion.

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Good luck finding your perfect cover-up for Fall!