Kitchen Things

Hot off the press from our East Coast Fashionista:

As anyone who has known me for at least the past three years will tell you, I’ve been undergoing a bit of a kitchen revamp of late. That’s putting it mildly, but while they take their time doing their thing, I’m taking some time out to do what I do best – accessorizing.

Some things seem charming at first glance, but probably aren’t very practical otherwise. This Bistro Leon wall rack, for example, is chic in an old world sort of way, but would look rather out of place in my modern abode.

However, I do plan to employ this beyond adorable pink butterfly towel, simply because, well, it’s pink.

Completing the girly theme is this high-heel cake server, which I was recently gifted with. Apparently the giver was under the (100% accurate) impression that I’m as girly as a gal can get. Yet even I have no use for this goofy utensil, so for now it sits daintily on the side, looking just about as cute as a cake server can look (except for that hottie at the bakery…but never mind).