Get Air-brushed!

So many exciting activities will be going on at the next Haute Market shopping party that there isn’t room on the web site to describe them all! Each event gets bigger with more vendors and more perks.

Have you ever wanted to be air-brushed like a model? The closest thing to it that we can do at the next event is spray tanning by Electric Sun Tanning. I like this idea better than the automatic spray in the booths because a live person actually sprays you to give you the best, most even tan.

Electric Sun will be doing live demo’s of the spray on tan at our next shopping party and several guests will win the chance to be the models!

What is an air-brush tan?
A spray on sunless airbrush is sunless solution that is sprayed evenly onto your skin for a flawless looking tan. Unlike a spray booth, the sunless is applied by a certified airbrush consultant. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and does require an appointment.

Prior to the application of sunless spray, your skin is sprayed with a PH balancing spray to insure a even, uniform color that isn’t orange. Prior to arriving, prepare your skin for your sunless application by exfoliating your skin, shaving legs and do not wear any makeup, deodorant, moisturizer or cologne. Your skin needs to be as clean as possible.

You will simply be amazed at the results. To schedule your airbrush session, contact Teresa at 913-856-8268 (Gardner location) or 913-248-1074 (Shawnee location).

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