Don’t Brown Bag It

It’s easy to fall into the trap of buying black and brown accessories and clothes again this season. It’s everywhere, it’s easy, and a brown or black bag would match everything you have. Right?
I say BORING! Get out of your matchy-match rut and start making a statement. I don’t expect you to wear a right red dress with purple shoes like dear little miss Katie (I’m not a prisoner in my own home) Holmes.
Take baby steps. Start with a bag that really stands out. It’s not that difficult. Seriously, you can hardly get this trend wrong thanks to those crazy girls in Hollywood.

For comparison sake, I found two fabulous bags on opposite ends of the price spectrum. This fabulous blue handbag by Fendi made my pulse quicken and my mouth water. At nearly $1800 it makes my wallet cry. Though you can get it at Bag Borrow or Steal for about $275 a month.

Or try this very inexpensive pop of red from our friends at Just $24.99. The fashionable buckles are reminiscent of the designer styles and the deep red color is luscious.

Of course you could wait until the October 3rd Haute Market and have your choice of dozens and dozens of bags under $100. 😉

Speaking of bags…half of the goodie bags are already sold. If you want one at the next shopping party, you’d better order your tickets today friends!