What the???

Can you believe I got locked out of my own blogger account today? Ridiculous! Something about testing to prevent spam blogging. Like I have time to learn what that is and how to do it. Sheesh.

Ok, so while I’m griping…
“HEY LADY! Yeah you…the loud mouth on the cell phone. SHUT UP!” Can you believe that I went to the pool to chill out with the kids and had to listen to some gal yelling at someone on her mobile phone for a good 20 minutes?! All the while her kids are..um…underwater for all she knows. Geez people. Put the cell phone down and slowly walk away.
I know, I’m the pot calling the kettle black. But at least I realize it and put the phone down today.
I left it in the car while in the store with my kids even! God forbid someone gets my voicemail.
So this week try detaching the phone from your ear because it is not an accessory to your wardrobe. Nope, not even if you have it blinged. Nice try though.

Tomorrow we’ll be back with your regularly scheduled program! 🙂