Rockin’ Rings

From the desk of:
East Coast Fashionista

A couple of friends have dubbed it “elegant and feminine.” A few others have looked at me like I’m crazy. Most seem to agree, though, that my new flower ring rocks in its own unique way. You can see that it’s massive, but that is actually what makes it special. Kenneth Jay Lane is no stranger to stuff like this – his jewelry is extravagant but affordable, showy but realistic. And with no other rings to show off (take note, prospective suitors), this one easily takes pride of place and steals the show.

I’ve taken to wearing it on weekends with flirty skirts and dresses, but surprisingly it doesn’t look out of place at the office with a crisp pantsuit. This is available in just about every color of the rainbow, and there’s even a more costly pavé version that outshines just about everything in the room. This white version is just the thing for these sublimely hot months, though. You’ll have to pick up the black or red version if you want something to wear as it cools down.
Be forewarned: It’s one of those accessories that tends to cause envy amongst friends and stares from passersby. Both good things, of course. (At just under $90, it’s also pretty easy on the bank account!)