Starring Fragrances

Ashley Peldon is more than just an actress – she’s a gal with a serious nose for scents. When it comes to sniffing out the best of the best and concocting fragrances that are unexpected and irresistible, Ashley does it better than anyone else. Her latest endeavor is Starring…! Fragrances, the company she founded in 2006. The lineup includes everything from playful, dessert-inspired scents to sexy, attention-grabbing florals.

Ask anyone who’s spritzed on The Child Star, the genius bouquet of yellow cake, cookies and graham crackers, and they’ll tell you they can’t get enough of Ashley’s glorious creations. Or just ask me! Upon my request, Ashley whipped together a delicious blend of Pink Sugar (you know the one – the über-sweet scent that stole a million hearts when it debuted two years ago), amaretto syrup and whipped cream. The result? Fabulous, of course.

Starring…! Fragrances make awesome gifts, but they’re ideal for a pick-me-up, too. Ashley also offers a custom blend service, featuring a variety of seasonal options tailored to the unique preferences of each individual. So whether you love hot fudge or strawberry sauce on your ice cream cone, or you just love a great lemon-citrus blend, you’ll have no problem deciding on the scent of your dreams.

~by East Coast Fashionista