Look to Fall

It seems like fashion shows are going on every week around the world. In my quest to find out what is hot for Fall 2007, I’m finding that the search is narrowed if I take the opposite approach and ask, “what is NOT hot this Fall?”

An array of cliche’s come to mind:
Everything changes yet everything stays the same.
Look to the past to determine the future.

Trends for Fall 2007 are definitely reminicent of every era for the last century.
The space age look of sleek fits and metallic shimmer.
The feminine lacy looks of long ago.
It’s all here, just in a newer version.

Colors are not quite the same natural hues, but some much more intense, color-rich choices. According to Pantone, we can look forward to Chili Pepper red, Lemon Curry, and Purple Wine to tempt our taste buds and our shopping cravings. While Green Moss is your typical sage-green sort of color, Stargazer is a beautifully rich, dark teal-like color that sounds perfect for a holiday dress. So don’t wimp out and go all black again this year.

In a nut shell, it’s pretty tough to put your finger on a single look that is IT for fall. The good news is that there are some fantastic new designs out there for us fashionistas to choose from. The key, for now, pick one look at a time. Don’t try the metallic, with the lacy, with the sequins, with the deep teal blue, etc, etc. Find what works for you. Just make sure it doesn’t include the same pair of jeans you’ve had since high school. Let go and let’s go shopping!