Tivo McDreamy

Set your Tivo tonight girl friends! McDreamy, McSteamy, McWeddings and more! Greys’ season finale is tonight. But there is SHOPPING to do! Of course. My friends at the Girls’ Wearhouse are having their monthly Girls’ Night event tonight.

So here is the plan: get to the Girls’ Wearhouse early (opens at 5pm) get some good shopping time in. There will be several other vendors there. Of course Two Chic Blvd & Vintage Moon, as always. Also some others: All Things Beaded, Gladys & Irene, jennyLou’s Boutique and more!
I hear that Two Chic Blvd has some fabulous new shoes (I already own 2 of them!), Vintage Moon Creations has beautiful new chain lariats, jennyLou has some fabulous new earring designs. So many beautiful goodies just for you!

Next, if you don’t have Tivo or you like it BIG…stop by Raouls for the watch party on the giat TV with the gals form Mix 93.3. I wish I could be there, but I’m not that mean to make my babysitter put my three rowdy little boys to bed. So I’ll be doing McTivo with my McCabernet after my McMonsters are in bed.

Have a great night ladies. Feel free to come back here and post your comments about the show!

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