Cheers Susie!

oops, Susie was supposed to post Wednesday…so here she is of Fab Friday! 🙂

Hello my darling fashionista’s. I am having a fabulous time on my trip. Especially once I got used to the time change. What better way to cure a little sleep loss than with shopping?!?

Luckily my friend Liza met me at the airport and promptly whisked me away to one of the most famous streets for shopping. Cartier, Yves Saint Laurent, DKNY, Chanel, Tiffany, Lalique, Diesel…oh my goodness the fabulous shops never seem to end.
Can you guess where I was?

Hungry and ready for more shopping, we headed for Harrod’s. It is amazing my friends. Floors and floors of shopping! Not to mention all the fabulous food and wine. We have lots of goodies to take back to Liza’s for dinner tonight.

Ok, so have you figured out where I am and what famous street we shopped on? Then send an email to Haute Market. The 10th person with the correct answer wins a FREE ticket to the June 28th event where you can see the new Sassy Susie note card line from Bigg Eye Creations!