Spaces & Faces

If you haven’t seen the Haute Market MySpace page, then check it out and make Haute Market your friend. It’s a very lively place where we have met loads of local designers, music artists and business people.

I know..a bit of a lame blog today. My middle son turned 4 today and we’re doing some partying, it’s sort of my day off.

If you need something inexpensive to do with kids during the day, Cosmic Mini Golf at the Great Mall. $3 a kid (under 5) and no one else was there with us at 10am. It was great. We did all three courses and the boys loved it. Now I have to set up a basketball hoop and play, his Highness has spoken.

I’ll be back fresh on Monday with new blog material, newsletter coming out on Tuesday and MAYBE I’ll even start selling tickets for the April 24th shopping party! Be sure to be on the newsletter list for first chance at tickets. Only 200 this time, so get yours before we sell out!