Lovin’ Swag

I have had great response about our last Swag Bags. I’m so grateful to the SkinMilk & Sea Breeze company for sending hundreds of samples to Haute Market over the last 6 months. I hear some of you even got some in the mail due to their huge national campaign.

Here is a new twist on a concept most of us mom’s have tried…Stuff-A-Friend. You mean I can now keep the 15 screaming, rowdy birthday party goers at home and stuff the animals here? Excellent!

Just order the animals you want to easily assemble at home. Kits come with Stuffing, Instructions, Wishing Star, Birth Certificate and Take Home Carrier.
Just $15 each with a huge selection of animal friends to choose from. I love it! And thanks to Chris, of Stuff-A-Friend, for including some goodies in our last Swag Bags!

Another great Swag contributor was Kelly from MopTop hair care. Unruly hair care products to the rescue! If you have hard to manage hair, very curly hair…MopTop and Fuzzy Duck have the solutions.

Kelly, who was nicknamed “fuzzy” in school, has been working on the development of this product for years. She’s come up with a great product to tame your locks and end the “fuzzy” nicknames forever!

Give the products a try with this great travel pack, $20 online. Includes 2oz each of : * Gentle Clarifying Shampoo* Daily Conditioner* Detangler & Refresher Spray* Light Hold Anti-Frizz Gel.

These are just a few of our fabulous Swag Bag contributors. Check out our Goodie page for a peek at the Swag for our April 24th event. The list is growing!