TV Day!

Yay! We all looked fabulous on TV and I didn’t look nearly as nervous as a felt. Whew! Well, my friends said it was great, my hubby said “you looked like you were going to pee yourself at first.” Thanks hon’. I actually was desperate for the loo right before I sat down. 🙂

My tips for TV. Do NOT drink 3 cups of coffee prior to. Do definitely hire Staci Broski to do your make up. I felt like a million bucks having treated myself to a professional make up application. I think I looked pretty swell too. Staci, thank you so much!!

The models were fantastic! And they are all designers/vendors in our Retail Therapy event this weekend. Visit their booths and you’ll probably find them wearing some of the items from todays modeling. You can easily get the same looks. Just ask any vendor for help and we’ll put together a replica, or another fantastic look just for you.
In order of appearance was:
Julia Morgan ~ Frankie & Jules
Laura Timmons ~ Vintage Moon Creations
Leigh Ann Prier ~ Rare Adornment
Amy Cecil ~ Apple Scraps

Pictured left to right: Julia, Leigh Ann, Jennifer, Amy, Laura.

Way to go girls!

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