Community News: Family In Need

Skip your latte today and donate that money saved to help a local family in need. This could be your child, your newphew, your neighbor, your child’s schoolmate.
I’ll summarize the email that was in my mailbox today:
Cory is an extraordinary 11 year old boy who once enjoyed playing on his Blue Valley Football team and other regular boy things. Now he’s lucky to be able to go to school and learn with the rest of his friends. Cory was diagnosed with a horrible muscle cancer last April. He has undergone over 50 chemotherapy treatments, dozens of radiation treatments and endless needle pokes.

His parents, according to friends, are Cory’s angels. They have teamed up to be sure Cory has a sterile home, is never alone when staying at the hospital. They can change his chest tube, his sterile patches and know every protocol for every treatment he needs.

It’s a 24 hour job. And that also includes taking calls from collection agencies, holding their jobs, going thru stacks of mail and bills, trying to keep their house, their cars and everything that is “home” to Cory. Not only is Cory’s well being at stake, so is everything else in their lives.

Unfortunately their insurance has a $250,000 cap. That was used up a long time ago. Cory’s parents sound like amazing angels and he is lucky to have them. But these angels sound tired and in need of a few extra wings.

If you can help, please visit their web site and make a donation to Cory’s fund. If you cannot donate at this time, a simple prayer is a thoughtful donation of your time.

So skip that latte today and send a few buckaroos Cory’s way. It will put a higher spring in your step than any amount of caffeine. We’ll also have a collection container at the Retail Therapy event this weekend.