Making Beautiful Music

I know one day I’ll be able to say “I knew her when…” about the talented Jillian Riscoe. This young lady has a fabulous voice and great heart. She’ll go far, fast. Enjoy our interview:

What is your favorite music “style” to sing?

I definitely love all types of music, but if I had to pick a “style,” it would have to be the pop/rock category…but with an alternative twist.

Where did you learn to sing like that? You sound like a seasoned artist!

Thank you Jennifer, I appreciate that! I’ve been singing long before my first day of preschool came along; I’ve been around and sang all types of music with many talented people along the years, so I guess I’ve picked up on some of it.

Have you taken voice lessons as well?
To tell you the truth, I began taking piano lessons first. A while after I started them my teacher suggested vocal lessons and I liked them much better. I began doing vocal lessons exclusively from about ages 7 to 13.

Are you really 17?

Yes ma’am…I just turned 17 a few months ago.

What was it like to record your first CD at 10 years old?

When the decision was made to record a CD, it was definitely cool and different for a normal 4th grader to do, I’ll tell you that.
My voice teacher actually brought up the idea to my parents and I….I recorded 10 cover songs. I think it did and didn’t phase me…I new it was different because I didn’t see a lot of little kids going in and singing in professional recording studios.

When is your new CD coming out?

As far as my new, all-original demo CD, it will be this spring of 2007. I’m very excited for everyone to hear it, I co-wrote all of it with the very talented Jeff Derdich, of the local band Fat Finger, who has worked with Jessica Harp, and it’s been great. It’s a new sound than no one has heard from me before and I can’t wait to get it out to everyone.
Also, I’ve begun to work with Song Factory Productions, who are an awesome group of guys who have a great line of credits. Big things are coming up and I appreciate the support you guys are giving me!

What do you see yourself doing in the next 5 years?

Big things. (Honestly, it’s a long list. J) I hope to be in a position where I’m working with talented, creative people and begin to accomplish my career goals and help out those who have helped me get to where I am with my career.
I’d love to be picked up by a major label, of course, but I’m not going to take the first one that picks me up and tells me to do this or that. I want to settle with a group of people that agree upon my goals and how well we can work with each other.
You have to be business savvy in this industry because there are alot of sneaky people out there, but I know there are also some awesome people and I’m on the hunt to find more.
A couple more things on the list: touring, “getting” to people with my music and creating success by doing what I love.

Do you have some gigs in town where people can come listen to you sing?

Over the years, I’ve sung all over locally. I’m hoping to have some live shows soon featuring new material; so you and your friends are most definitely invited to wherever they might be!

Thanks so much for your time Jillian! I hope to hear you live soon. J

Check out Jillian’s MySpace page and see her video and listen to her fabulous voice!

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