Monday Make-up

Kansas City Makeup Artist Staci Broski of 7th Row has a professionalism and commitment that heralds her as an essential asset to creative teams & production projects. She has worked with incredible photographers, agencies, companies & artists. (not to mentioned did my make up for the KC Live interview s few weeks back!)
We sat down with Staci and asked for her most valuable tips…Here’s what she shared with us:

“My most valuable application tips would be….Take care of your skin.
Good water-soluble cleaners are the most effective, gentle way to cleanse your face.
One of my favorite things to do before a shoot is have the subject exfoliate. This insures the perfect application for makeup.
Exfoliating rids the dead skin cells & makes room for plumper cells to come to the surface.
Skin types that should stay away from exfoliating are:
Extremely sensitive skin, thin skin & those with skin disorders like rosacea, eczema,
dermatitis etc.
The surface of your skin sets the tone for makeup. Take time to prep your canvas before starting application.
….(Oil of Olay regenerist Microderm product ) is perfect. It’s about $21.00 at Target.This will resurface the skin allowing the makeup to go on beautifully and look as flawless as possible.
(this product is GOLD and will help everyone look their best!)
For more information about Staci visit her website at .

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