Music Notes

The beautiful and accomplished Norah Jones has a new album out today. “Not Too Late” is in stores now, and it definitely lives up to all expectations one has of this talented young woman.

Still in her 20’s, Norah has enjoyed several amazing years recently in her music career. Remember her sweeping the Grammy’s in 2003? The rawness of her soothing voice and intimate piano playing is accounted for in every album she puts out.

This recent accomplishment was created with her long time friend, bassist, (and now boyfriend) Lee Alexander in the comfort of Norah’s home studio. Norah says they recorded songs when the band was in the mood for it, and you can clearly hear their genuine pleasure in creating fantastic music on this album.

A Texas girl, who studied jazz and who got into music “because I love it and didn’t want a real job”, Norah has one heck of a non-job. Check out her new album and enjoy listening to another sweet success for Ms. Norah Jones.