Devilishly Chic

I finally got to watch “The Devil Wears Prada”. Not as good as the book, but the movie versions rarely are. However, I loved the clothes Anne Hathaway got to wear! No, not the plaid skirt and cerulean blue sweater (hideous indeed), but the “after” looks. And when she walked into the sample closet, I got chills!

So how does one put these outfits together AND at a price the regular chick can afford? It would be easy to walk into a sample closet and coordinate fantastic looks. It’s much more challenging to do the same at a local department store.

Many of the large department stores have personal shoppers if you want to go that route. But you can also ask someone on the floor. I try to seek out someone who looks put together themselves. If she can’t dress herself, definitely don’t let her have a try with you. I like to watch for someone who looks like a supervisor or that person fiddling with the displays. Chances are that person knows every item on the floor and can quickly direct you to something fabulous. I’m sure the clerks hate this, but if I can’t find the pieces I want, I’ll strip the display because it’s usually the size I’m looking for and the look is put together for me.

Haute Market wants to make this process very easy for you. When you come to an event, you’ll see that the vendors have been chosen, not only because they are fabulous, but because their works will compliment each other. If you find a great top from one designer, don’t hesitate to ask her to direct you to another designer who will have a fabulous necklace to go with it.

Watch my TV spot next week on NBC at 10am, Thursday, Feb. 8th as I mix and match pieces from all of our designers to create several chic looks. Be sure to get your Retail Therapy tickets now, before they run out…then you can score your own chic look while enjoying food, wine and good times!