Band Interview: The New Tragedies

I had the pleasure of interviewing Bev Weidner of The New Tragedies this week. Not only is Bev a fantastic musician, she’s a shopping diva like me! The New Tragedies’ music is full of heart, soul and beautiful harmonies. It’s the type I can listen to anywhere at anytime. Hints of country, folk and rock can all be found in these amazing tunes.

I hope you enjoy our interview notes, it’s long, but worth it!

Jennifer: Bev & Aaron, your voices blend together so unbelievably well…what was it like the first time you sang together?

Bev: The first time we sang together was years ago in a park in our hometown, Fayetteville, Arkansas. He was in a band called the Paper Hearts and I was playing in a band called Tyko. This was before any romantic sparks flew. As a matter of fact, we were both dating other people at the time and we spent one afternoon at the city park, singing and laughing. But to answer your question we have always enjoyed the sound of our voices together.

Jennifer: And what about the romantic part? (readers – this dynamic duo married soon after Bev joined the band) Give us the ‘girlfriends’ version Bev…did you know right away?

Bev: I met Aaron through a group of friends I knew in Fayetteville. We were friends for about 6 years before anything romantic happened. His old band had a reunion show in Fayetteville on March 27th of ‘04. At this time he was living in Kansas City. After the show we spent the remainder of the night at a party handing the guitar back and forth, playing new songs we’d each written. Then we went to a coffee shop for breakfast, then back to my apartment where we continued talking, drinking coffee and wine (yes, in the morning). At one point I thought, “Why is he still here? Is this really happening?” After a few hours of noticeably growing closer and closer to each other on the sofa, we kissed, and immediately I knew that I had to move to Kansas City. And I did, literally 3 weeks later.

Jennifer: What do you see as your biggest challenge as an Indie artist?

Bev: The biggest challenge is simply getting the music out there. It used to be harder a few years ago, without itunes or Myspace. We’d love to have our music in a film or on a commercial, but getting it to the right person and place is key. I love the way music is passed around so freely these days. However, we all have the dream that we could live off the music. If the music is free, it’s hard to really live off of it. Also, as I have just turned 30, I find it harder to get out to see live music. Are we getting old? Possibly!

Jennifer: What has been the biggest reward?

Bev: Personally, my biggest reward with this band is playing with my spouse. Touring is easy with him, and practice is always fun. We work together extremely well because we don’t take anything too seriously. We love to play the songs because every word means something specific to us, and even if the audience doesn’t quite know what we mean, I know that when we look at each other on stage, we just get it. And I love that.

Jennifer: Which is your favorite song (of yours of course)?

Bev: Hmmm. My favorite song may differ from Aaron’s favorite. Right now it’s a new song we have called “90 Proof.” I love it because it’s sexy and it creates this dark, lusty mood. The words hint at a love affair and that’s always something I feel people can relate to. Plus, it’s just a blast to play. It rocks out in the middle, yet has a laid back verse. My favorite song on the album, though, would probably have to be “Talk To Me.” We have a video out right now on It has a country feel, accented with pedal steel. Really, you cannot go wrong with the pedal steel.

Jennifer: How do you do it…being married to your “co-worker”. Do you live your work? Do you hum and harmonize while you’re brushing your teeth together? Or does the door close on the studio at the end of the day and you’re just Mr. & Mrs. Weidner?

Bev: You know, a lot of people ask us this, and really close friends know that in ways, we do and in ways we don’t. When we have people over we usually sit around the couch and play a couple of songs. Humming and harmonizing while brushing teeth? Not so much. We do have this funny dance though that we’ll do….oh, I won’t get into that here. I’d say it’s a mix. We will definitely sit around and work on something new that he has in his head, or while I make dinner he’ll fiddle around with some new for songs. So, yes, we live it. But we don’t obsess over it. It’s actually the perfect mixture.

Jennifer: What do you see yourselves doing in a year, in 5 years? Still making beautiful music I hope?

Bev: Well, in 5 years we plan on having 2 kiddos, making more records and playing when we can! Ask me in 5 years and we’ll see how that actually goes!

Jennifer: anything else you’d like us to know?

Bev: Anything else? Let’s see, Yes, I can play just fine in 4 inch heels. My hair may be a different color from show to show, and Aaron’s scar from his birthmark removal is fading. It’s not a hickey. Thanks!

Listen to their music now on MySpace:
Please visit The New Tragedies web site and pick up your own copy of their CD. Catch their show at The Brick, in KC, MO. Feb. 24th.

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