My Man Oscar

The nominations are in and I’m giddy with anticipation. The countdown to another fashion frenzy begins. Of course I watch to see who wins, but I’m mostly loving the people watching. With such a fabulous list of women nominated for best actress, we’re sure to see some stunning looks. I can’t wait to see what Kate and Cate have to show us!

I can’t say that I’ve seen many movies lately, so I don’t have a lot to say about the nominations themselves. Little Miss Sunshine was one we recently rented. It was dark and a little dull through a lot of the movie, but the ending was so freakin’ hilarious that I’d actually watch it again soon, and I rarely watch a movie twice in one year.

Of course with a house full of boys, Pirates of the Caribbean will have our vote. I’m stunned that it isn’t on the “best costume” list. At least I can still drool over Orlando again. Ooh la la!

Now we wait. Feb. 25th is the big day, a date with Oscar. More info on the event here.