Miss Me’s for me!

miss me This is my first pair of Miss Me Jeans and I’ll tell you honestly, I was a skeptic. In this lovely area of the Midwest it seems many women of my age and older squeeze themselves into these junior looking jeans with so many rhinestones on the ass that it could take down an airplane with all the reflective light. So I have avoided these jeans, unfairly. During my recent trip to LA for the LuckyFABB blogger conference I met some fabulous ladies with Miss Me Jeans in the gifting suite. They were giving a pair of jeans to all of us VIP’s. I chatted with one of these super ladies explaining my perfect fit (curvy in the hips/smaller waist), sizing, etc. In other words saying “hey I’m not one of these 23 year old LA bloggers who can wear anything you throw at them”. She listened, made her recommendation and entered my order. I’d forgotten about the fact that the jeans were being mailed to me so imagine my delight when they arrived in the mail about a month later. Of course I tore open the box like a hungry bear at a picnic. They fit perfectly!  Well except that they are long, of course. I’m 5’3″ so it’s not like I’ve never had to hem some pants.  I was so surprised and suddenly in love with these soft, slightly stretchy jeans with NO bling on the back pockets!  I have the mid-rise, skinny and I love them. I highly recommend if you have a little curve to your hip area. Thank you so much Miss Me Jeans for the gift!