“au naturel” foot boost

Flexyfeet is the new flip flop is taking women everywhere a step in the green direction.

Flexyfeet are 100% vegan and 100% recyclable footwear so lightweight and airy, they’ll feel better than bare feet on a warm summer day.

Designed by a foot pro, the innovative design utilizes an anatomic footbed and heel cup to improve posture while the toe crest help toes grip so you can strut confidently through your day. Matte insole reduces friction to stop feet from sliding, preventing blisters.

The Haute girls were given a pair to try out and we can say that they are definitely comfortable and easy to clean too! Absolutely ideal for hot summer days to keep your little piggies cool.

“I created Flexyfeet because women need supportive, breathable footwear for summer,” says Tina Aldatz, founder of Foot Petals. “Flexyfeet are flip flops with built-in Foot Petals, ensuring the wearer is both comfortable and stylish”.

Staying true to Foot Petals tradition, Flexyfeet are made with antimicrobial material to resist odor, an effect of sweaty summer soles.

Availble at www.footpetals.com for $22.95 in threee color choices.