Knocked up eh? Maternity fashion do’s and don’ts

A friend just requested some help with maternity fashion so Ive grabbed a few examples of what to look for, and what to avoid.
These are all at  Not that you should buy it all.  These are just a few styles to guide you:
This top is adorable and Im jealous that its maternity.  To be preggers in the heat of summer can bring out the bitchy in the sweetest waddling mom-to-be.  If it were me Id buy ever color available of this style.  If you are large chested the bow at the top could be a bit much.  Wear with caution. Maternal Americal Bow Top $98

Another do, a fitted top.  Anything that doesnt show that curvy belly is probably going to make you look like a balloon.  Something like this with asymmetrical lines to it is really great just just about any body type. Knocked up or no.  This is the Japanese Weekend maternity/nursing top $78 .  If you can find a style like this in a short sleeve for summer Id buy several colors.  This will work with a skirt, pants, denim, etc.

This dress is definitely not for our summer babes with its long sleeves, but note the fitted design.  Find a short sleeve or even tank style like this and wear with a jacket to work.  And no, that jacket isnt going to button.   So use something you already have.  $148 ruched dress.

Next are some please do not s.
Sure this dress looks totally cute on her.  I doubt shes pregnant.  The top part is great for summer but think about what that big front tie is going to be like when you look like you swallowed a large basketball!  Its going to be sticking out like a damn flag.  And if you are also endowed with a large preggo chest.ughthats a whole lotta fabric stuck up there.

Another deceptively cute dress.  The way it just hangs there with no shapeturn this girl to the side and even she will look like she has a car full of clowns hiding under there.  The only thing good about this style is the big breeze that can blow up it to cool you off.

This one is a maybe.  Love the color.  Its hard to be taken seriously in a business meeting when you waddle to your seat.  Get some power blue and killer heels and they will be afraid to argue with you.   This one is a maybe because while its not fitted, the fabric may be heavy enough to hang nicely without ballooning out like the above style.  You can throw on a jacket and/or scarf with this and look fabulous.  Cinch front dress $128.

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Lessons here?  Fitted over the belly to prevent the balloon effect.  Cinch front (ruched is good too) but no ties or bows up front, please! Asymmetrical flatters almost anyone.  Horizontal lines flatter almost no one.  And notice there are no polka dots here.  Its best to flat out avoid it all together.
Happy gestating my pretties!
Preggers or not, I can totally take you shopping, find great styles for your shape and save you money.  Ive charge a very small fee because its something I love to do.  Just email for appointment