Easy outfit layering

Ok I’m going to break this down for you my pretties.  Because when I say “layer” some of you freak out and think this process will be excruciating.  To prove it I took a very blah top with jeans and threw a few layers on to make it look like I actually tried to make myself presentable.

The biggest tip in successful layering is to have a handful of jackets.  Look how much improvement over the drab top just by adding a jacket.

outfit layers copy

I added a suede jacket, two simple necklace chains (one a faux pearl and one is a fab creation by Scarlet Garnet) and grabbed my purple fuzzy bag for some color.  That’s it.

outfit layers finishedAnd there you have it.  Not exactly runway ready. But enough to walk my suburban catwalk. ;)

Get to your closet and find one new combo you can put together.

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