Easter Eye-Candy

Easter conjures thoughts of bunnies, chocolates, jelly beans, and family, but to me it also meant I was able to get a brand new dress. The idea of the Easter dress begins at a young age for any little girl, but I would like to believe it doesn’t have to end there!  I still get excited to pick out a new Easter dress and although I’m not ten years old (try multiplying that times three…ugh) here are some exciting, more ‘grown-up’ spring options.

The 2013 lace options are much more fresh, youthful and wearable. It’s not the stiff, stuffy, Victorian-era style of the mid 1800’s. The focus is more on being comfortable, yet keeping the “prettiness” of the lace.  Think flirty, not formal.



The laser cut is an innovative, decorative technique with materials that’s a great way to add interest to any piece.  The details in the pattern can vary in size and shape, and similar to lace, can take you from day to evening according to the design.





The color pallet generally associated with Easter usually runs within the pastel family like pale yellows, light pinks, baby blues…however, along with the rest of 2013 comes revitalized color combinations.  I am obsessed any time there are beautiful neutrals such as nudes and blush tones, but I’m also digging the bright corals and blues.

     navy limited dress

It’s difficult to pick just one dress for Easter!  Which one do you prefer?