Decluttering that space!

stack of clothing It’s fun to decorate and adorn the house.  It’s not so fun to clean and declutter.  Here are a few tips you can implement one at a time that will hopefully slip easily into your daily routine and make clean up not seem like so much work.

1) As we change seasons and the weather is so up and down, you are usually finding old items you no longer want to wear, or that no longer fit the kids.  Have a bag that is just for donation items.  When it’s full, drop it off.

2) A place for everything.  Two items that always seem to be everywhere but where I need them – light bulbs and batteries.  There are now some handy little trays that have slots for each battery size and fit in most any kitchen drawer.  Now the kids know where to go when the Xbox batteries run out, rather than ask you every time!

3) Light bulbs area easily broken before you even have a chance to use them if you throw them in a closet or under a sink.  If you have some high shelves in a closet or laundry room, have a light bulb tub there.  It’s up high since you don’t need often, but always safe and where you can remember it.

4)  If you are really pressed for space, those bags that you put sweaters and blankets in, then vacuum the air out really do work.  Flatten them and put under the bed for the next season.

5) Separate craft boxes for each craft type can really help you and the kids.  It’s nice to pull out just one small tub or box to make jewelry, or to make note cards.   One tub with tape, glue, staples.  One with colored pencils and drawing paper. Rather than having a big mess of everything in one spot, try to separate it into lighter portable boxes.  Less mess to clean up later.

I hope this helps you de-clutter a little bit so you can let more great things come to you.