Fashionista Travel Tips – Part 2

brow copyPre-Travel Prep for the fabulous fashionista:

There are a few easy things you can do before you travel to expertly streamline your beauty routine once you get to your destination.

Brow tint – have you tried this? When you have “done” brows, you already look pretty put-together. Invest in this service before you travel and you can leave the time-consuming brow step out of your makeup routine.


I cannot emphasize enough, the importance of packing a variety of jewelry. Switching to a dangling earring or a statement cocktail ring can take the simplest of outfits to the next fashionable level. Practice caution when traveling with jewelry (I keep mine in my carry-on).


Travel is the time to be the Anna Wintour of your wardrobe – edit, edit, edit.

Start with basics and add layers of clothing and jewelry to get the most out of a few well-chosen pieces. You can get several outfits from basics such as a black dress or cashmere sweater. 

sarah travel
sarah travel black dress
sarah travel red shoes


If I’m hosting visitors, souvenirs are the bane of my existence; however as I do more traveling and want reminders for myself I’m learning there are good ways to do it.  Buy pieces that are useful or so beautiful that you will have it out to show off, not a knick knack that will collect dust or a tshirt that will shrink after 1 washing.  I’ve narrowed my souvenir choices to coffee mugs and playing cards – functional.

Are you traveling soon?  Which tips will you use?