Smile on the go

I have mentioned this product before but I just love the useful tip because I love my beverages!

There are many things I would do without for the sake of saving money or living  more healthy…but I cannot see myself giving up coffee or red wine.  And it cannot be one without the other.  If I drink coffee all day I’ll need the red wine at night.  If I have red wine at night I must have coffee in the morn.  You may call it a viscous cycle.  I call it, how I roll.

One could try to persuade me to cut back by attacking me from the vanity angle – “oh but they both will stain your teeth” (that’s like telling me to wear flats because stilettos are bad for my back).  Nice try but I have a secret weapon that fits in the tiniest pockets of my handbag and I nary leave home without it.

GO SMiLE’s refreshing Touch Up® ampoules are my go-to for teeth, a great addition to your whitening treatment program.  I love them because they are super small, portable and the applicator does double duty as a stain eraser tool.  It polishes teeth and helps keep stains from setting just after eating.  Also the little extra freshness is a great mid day fix.  No sink needed!

GO SMiLE also makes a portable On The Go® Teeth Whitening Pen to whiten anytime, anywhere.  The ampoules are more for upkeep and prevention of further staining.  Perfect for me and my vices.

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GO SMiLE’s ON THE GO Teeth Whitening Pen is just $22!