wth? Monday 3-19-12

This is a peek inside my brain and the screwy way my thoughts travel.  Stick with me…there is a point and a great tip at the end. 🙂

I often have these moments where I have something to say to someone, but no one is around.  So the brunt of the listening goes to you, my blog reader.   I find something to be entertaining, or come up with an idea that I think is fabulous…I want to share.  Often it has nothing to do with fashion or beauty.  Yikes.  Now what?  That is why I created the category Life & Style.  Don’t kid yourself (or me) into thinking I’m writing a lifestyle blog.  Nope.  Maybe I should call it Life With Style.  Because that is what this is all about…getting through life with a little bit of style.

Today I figured I would just call my random thoughts What The Hell posts.  As in, wth does that have to do with anything else?

So here it goes…

I’ve got this image out there somehow that I am a woman who “does it all”.  Well, thanks but I don’t.  And the thought that you think that I can somewhat adds to my already intense anxiety.  Turns out that I probably have adult ADD which gives the appearance that I am full of energy and ideas, constantly on the go, multi-tasker extraordinaire. Well, some of that is true.  I do a lot of that, I don’t finish a lot of that.

Today case in point…it’s not that I didn’t finish a task, it’s that I knew if I started I would not finish so I found a short cut.

I am having friends over soon.  All women.  Most are close friends, some are acquaintances.  But they are all women.  And women, though they will say they are not, are judgemental.  And I have this poor old house that no one here seems to have the handi-ness to keep in shape.  What I did to keep up appearances?  I took some used dryer sheets and dusted some floor boards then touch up painted some bare spots.

I didn’t want to get another brush dirty to fix some wall marks so I dipped a wadded up paper towel into the paint can and dabbed paint where various sports balls and nerf gun wielding children have come in contact with it.  It took all of 10 minutes.   It took only 5 more minutes for the smell of fresh paint to lure in a small boy with dirty hands…but that can probably be solved with another paper towel.  Pintrest THAT baby  😉

This, my friends, is how I do it.  Just barely.

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