Zig Zag lovin

Ok…eating crow because I didn’t think Missoni in Target was a good idea, but now the fact that I can have loads of Missoni in my closet (even if it is pretend Missoni) is tickling me with zig-zag color!  Usually brands compromise when they go “cheaper” to hit the massees.  It becomes unrecognizable to the discerning brand seeker.  But this…well…for cheesy sake…hits the bullseye. 

The fact that it’s nearly crashing the Target site (took me 3 “refreshes” to get off the “oops we’re busy” page) also tickles me because it would seem that more people are clued in and about to get a bit more fashionable.  And in this beige ‘burb I live in….color and zig zags are needed.

Someone tell the kids that mommy may not be meeting them at the bus stop because she’s got an “errand” to run 😉